VIP Room: Exclusive Credit Card Benefit

Most cards offer benefits to their customers. I say most because the banners offer services when registered in their perk programs. For cards with a higher class, one of the services offered is VIP Room at airports. Do you know how to enjoy?

First, it is important to know what your credit card is. As we said, in most brands, the benefit is offered for cards with higher purchasing power, such as Blacken, Planium and Infinitex.

The VIP Room is located at national and international airports, depending on the scope of your card. These rooms offer much comfort, with air conditioning, WiFi, television, flight panel, among other amenities while the passenger waits for the flight.

Only by credit card can you access these rooms and no fee is charged. To find out if your card offers this benefit, visit your credit card issuer or banner site. There is a possibility of besides the exclusive rooms of the flag, the issuer offer access to the VIP Room as well as the American Express card.


American Express VIP Room

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Being able to relax before getting on the plane is really cool, isn’t it? Or until you can arrive early to check in and take advantage of an exclusive room.

American Express cards offer VIP room for its customers, in addition to Pradesco Lounge Cards, Pradesco VIP Room, issuer of Amex card.

With Pradesco’s VIP Room, guests have access to WiFi, cable TV, flight panel, cell phone chargers, private toilets, hot and cold drinks buffet, among others. Card Customers: American Express Golf Corporate, American Express Gold Card, and Planium have the eligible cards for this benefit.


Where to find the benefit of Vip American Express Room?

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Pradesco Lounge Cards: Guarulhos International Airport (SP), Congonhas Airport (SP), Santos Dumont Airport (RJ), Curitiba Airport (PR).

Available American Express card Vips Rooms are present at several airports around the world, check out some:

  • Pudahuel International Airport, Santiago (Chile)
  • New Tokyo International Airport (Japan)
  • Detroit Wayne Country Metropolitan Airport (USA)
  • Miami International Airport (USA)
  • John Kenedy International Airport, New York (USA)
  • Monterrey International Airport (Mexico)

There is a huge list of various airports. You can check them out by clicking here.

Take advantage of your card, know all the benefits on the branded website and on the credit card issuer’s website.

If you have any questions, send us in the comments. To the next!